In-App-Purchase: VIP-Edit

Use VIP-Edit to add data without internet connection and maximize your efficiency with comfortable features like pre-selecting the category according to your entry name, add new category directly from the entry screen and transfer entries automatically into other accounts.

In-App-Purchase: VIP-Statistics

Keeping track of every dollar you spend will help you saving money in the long run. This is where statistics come into play. Checkout the variouse interactive statistics within MyMicroBalance.

In-App-Purchase: VIP-Lists

Take advantage of VIP-Lists and filter your expenses, check your daily balance and navigate faster with fast-scroll-bars.

In-App-Purchase: All-In-One

Unlock all features within the expenses tracker MyMicroBalance and analyze your expenses faster, in more detail and even offline.

Create, Edit and Delete Accounts

See how easy and fast you can manage your accounts within the expenses tracker App MyMicroBalance.

In-App-Purchase: Ads-Free

Within the free version of this budget planer we use advertising to cover our expenses for development and support. You will see ads within the lists and we sometimes also show full screen ads. If you want to get rid of the advertising then this In-App-Purchase is the right choice.

Create User Account

Register a new user account is free and works quick and easy for the expenses tracker Android App MyMicroBalance.